Piltec is a leading manufacturer of window, door and frame seals for the caravan, campervan and motorhome fabrication industries.  These profiles have been developed in close co-operation with leisure vehicle manufacturers to provide a permanent answer to the problem of water ingress into the accommodation and structural areas of such vehicles.

Our door aperture seals are manufactured to fit various door designs and one of their key features is the fact that they are manufactured entirely from EPDM rubber - a material that benefits from long-term retention of its elastic properties providing an effective water seal over many years in service.  Many competitors' products are of mixed construction, typically an EPDM seal bulb with a PVC leaf seal attached.  In service the PVC section of the profile suffers a loss in elastic properties and, as a result, a progressive failure to prevent water ingress.

Our window and frame seals are lined with a special butyl adhesive produced by one of our associated companies.  This adhesive and gap filling material will bond to EPDM, TPE's (thermoplastic elastomers) and PVC and provides a further level of protection against water ingress.


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