PILTEC is a leading European manufacturer of polymeric liners for the automotive control cable market and in order to keep abreast of the latest industry requirements we are constantly investigating innovative new technologies and developing these where they fit well with our core market.  To meet exacting automotive standards our production equipment is up-to-date and fitted with the latest in-line laser sizing gauges.

  Piltec automotive control cable liners are manufactured from technically advanced fluorinated polymer compounds that are the result of a dedicated R & D programme.  Processing required special attention to the rheology of the materials which, because of their exceptional characteristics, necessitated customisation of extruder screw and tool designs.  These modifications enable us to maintain liner tolerances of 0.05mm on inner and outer diameters, a level of accuracy and consistency not easily achieved with thermosets like PTFE.
The comparative properties described briefly below provide an illustration of the physical and commercial advantages of these products.

Cost :             Significant reduction in cable liner cost compared to similar products manufactured from PTFE.

Durability :        Piltec liners produced from fluorinated engineering polymer blends have increased service life compared to PTFE liners.

Performance :   Piltec liners provide good low temperature and heat resistance characteristics and their sliding resistance closely matches PTFE cable liners.

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