Fluor-TEP/C-Liners - Our New Range

In a new and world first development PILTEC has introduced a corrugated range of fluorinated high performance control cable liners specifically designed to provide an even higher level of performance.  This innovative development has been protected by a patent application.

A low coefficient of friction has enabled PTFE to gain a substantial foothold in the market for control cable liners despite the high cost and questionable durability.  The contact area between the actuating cable and the internal liner surface is a major constraint on attempts to reduce sliding resistance in control cables.  To overcome this constraint Piltec has introduced an advanced liner design whereby lateral ribs or corrugations are formed by extrusion on the internal surface of the liner thereby reducing the contact area.  Another advantage to this design is that the lubricant injected during assembly of the control cable is held within the pockets or reservoirs between corrugations.  This prevents migration of the lubricant to either end of the cable during continuous use in-service.  The introduction of this new concept means that we can now produce liners from engineering polymer compounds that closely match the sliding resistance of PTFE.  Not only that but they also offer advantages such as a reduction in product cost and improved durability.

Piltec has designated this new range Fluor-TEP/C liners and these products extend the sliding resistance and durability performance beyond what has previously been possible with engineering polymer liners.  Fluor-TEP/C liners are manufactured from specially formulated engineering polymer blends chemically enhanced with fluorinated modifiers to improve sliding resistance and service temperature.  

After carrying out laboratory tests we are confident that these new cable liners offer sliding resistance properties closely matching PTFE liners and outperforming them in a number of other characterization tests, particularly in terms of durability.



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